A Night on the Camper
Musik / Arty Post-Rock
DI 28.09.2021 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Vorverkauf: 15€ (+fees)

A Night On The Camper

Peter Kernel is a Swiss-Canadian duo formed by Barbara Lehnhoff (bass, vocals) and Aris Bassetti (guitar, vocals). Since 2005 they have been touring the world with their sweaty anti-pop-grotesque live shows. Since 2006 they run their own, multi awarded label: On The Camper. Throughout the years they have shared the stage with multiple drummers, but two in particular: Ema Matis and Vitti Bastianelli. To celebrate 15 years of live activity the band put together a double drummer live set and organised a special event called “A Night On The Camper” with the bands directly connected to them.

Peter Kernel

Peter Kernel was founded in 2005 by canadian filmmaker Barbara Lehnhoff and swiss graphic designer Aris Bassetti. The band has played over 700 live performances across Europe, the UK and Canada. They have been nominated Best Swiss Live Act by Swiss Live Talents and awarded the Swiss Music Prize in 2016. Since 2005 they have released 4 studio albums, 2 EP’s, 2 special albums and numerous soundtracks.

Camilla Sparksss

Founded in 2012 Camilla Sparksss is the solo project of Swiss Canadian filmmaker and musician Barbara Lehnhoff. She has performed over 400 live concerts across Europe, North Africa, Canada and the US. Since 2012 she release 2 studio albums. At the moment she’s preparing a new multidisciplinary project made of music and animated vinyls in collaboration with American composer William Basinski.


Tambor is the solo project of Swiss Mexican drummer, producer and graphic designer Giacomo “Vitti” Bastianelli. After touring many years with Peter Kernel, in 2018 he released his debut single Aloof. In 2020 he release his second single Zero. In 2022 he will release his debut album.