Ratelach music session
Musik / Melancholic dream pop
FR 07.06.2019 / 21:00
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Melancholic dream pop from a Luxembourg-based artist

Charlotte Bridge is back with her first full length album, Steps. The 10 tracks will come out in April 2019 with Bonus Noise Records and they will present new faces of her unique sound, blending guitar arpeggios with electronic beats, dreamy synths and delicate voices. The Italian artist located in Luxembourg has been active since 2014, releasing the album Fears, Hopes and Maps, together with the Luxembourgish producer Edwin Aldin (first single Shelter reached #6 on the Luxembourgish Eldo Radio chart) in 2015. Her first EP (self titled) came out in 2016 with Bonus Noise Records and led her to stages in Luxembourg, Vienna, Berlin and Paris, including the one from the Food For Your Senses festival in 2017.  

Her melancholic tones and nostalgic sounds are created from a fusion between acoustic, analog and digital, making her a discovery suited both for day dreamers and night owls alike.