Ratelach Music Sessions
Musik / Dream Pop
FR 23.02.2018 / 21:30
Abendkasse: Concert gratuit

Sorry, but this concert is cancelled. We wish a good recovery to the artist.

Charlotte Bridge
is the solo project of a Luxembourg based-artist, who likes to use reverbs and arpeggios. She started with collaborations, by featuring in the Italian band Mothell's EP “Nebula Sound System” (2015, Doner Music-Sony) and in a full album with the Luxembourgish artist Edwin Aldin ( 1rst single “Shelter” reached #6 on the Luxembourgish Eldoradio chart in 2015). She then released her 1rst EP, self-titled, with Bonus Noise Records in December 2016 and spent the following year promoting it on stages in Luxembourg, Germany and France, opening for Annika and e Forest and also performing at Food For Your Senses festival 2017. Charlotte Bridge's 1rst full length album will be released in 2018.