Support: Emma Ruth Rundle (USA)
Musik / Metal Experimental
DI 10.07.2018 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
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For fans of: Zola Jesus, Cult Of Luna, Amenra

Digging beneath the mess of the world to find the beauty underneath is perhaps the most consistent theme in Chelsea Wolfe’s expansive discography—a theme that ties together her ceaseless explorations in unorthodox textures, haunting melodies, and mining the grandeur embedded within ugliness and pain.

«I wanted to write some sort of escapist music ; songs that were just about being in your body, and getting free…», Wolfe says of her sixth’s album called Hiss Spun.  «You’re just bombarded with constant bad news, people getting fucked over and killed for shitty reasons or for no reason at all, and it seems like the world has been in tears for months, and then you remember it’s been fucked for a long time, it’s been fucked since the beginning. It’s overwhelming and I have to write about it…»

Hiss Spun is an album that inadvertently drew part of its aura from the cold white of the New England winter, though the flesh-and-bone of the material was culled from upheavals in Wolfe’s personal life, and coming to terms with years of vulnerability, anger, self-destruction, and dark family history. «The album is cyclical, like me and my moods!», Wolfe says.  «Cycles, obsession, spinning, centrifugal force—all with gut feelings as the center of the self ; a kind of exorcism!»

«Chelsea Wolfe dives headfirst into sludge metal and creates a unique space where sweetness can be heavy and contact is always uncomfortable!» Pitchfork