Electronic dance music event
Musik / Electro
FR 28.06.2019 / 21:00-03:00
Org.: Noc.Turn / TIPTIL / CCSA
In Zusammenarbeit mit: Kulturfabrik
Vorverkauf: 7€ (frais inclus) - prévente réservée aux étudiants
Abendkasse: 12€
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Immersive audio visual arts at Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette

Nobody Owns Culture, TIPTIL and CCSA - Conscious and Cultural Student Association invite you for a night in the name of the electronic music! Aiming to build an eclectic, diverse and immersive underground experience while hosting local labels for the first time at Kulturfabrik! Conceptualized in a way which gives to the participants the freedom to dwelve in between two different rooms, the atmospheres of which are characterized as following:

  •  On one stage the melodic techno sets of Lauter Unfug's artists will merge with the mesmerizing art of video mapping presented this time by Melting Pol with 3D visuals.

  • The other stage will be covered with the minimal techno vibe from TIPTIL’s Djs in a futuristic space jungle setting. 



(Minimum Age: 18+)


Lauter Unfug on the 3D Visual Experience Floor:

► Video mapping by Melting Pol

► Alex Heide (Vinyl Only Set / Lauter Unfug, Tonkind)

► Analog Charly (Live Act / Lauter Unfug)

► Mathias Treinen (Lauter Unfug)

► Leo Friedrich (Lauter Unfug)

TIPTIL on the Space Jungle Floor:

► Riven (TIPTIL, Time Has Changed Records)

► Mosjin Namja (TIPTIL)

► Owsley (TIPTIL)

► Junoir (TIPTIL)

► Alberto Stocco (TIPTIL, Misplaced Recordings)

► Ridivo (TIPTIL)

Rosenstand Photography