SUPPORT: DJ Ralitt / Kufa Summer Bar
Musik / R'n'B
FR 07.08.2020 / 19:30
Abendkasse: FREE

Julie Rens & Sasha Vovk bring to light social issues thtough the lens of a enchained nymphomaniac or a totortured soldier. The duo hasn’t changed a bit: still the same voracious humour and the quircky text talking shape or r’nb rhythms tinted by electronic sounds.



6pm - 7.30pm


DJ, co-organizer of the Nuits Éclectiques, Booker of De Gudde Wëllen, cyclist, but especially music lover, Khalid Bartholomé alias DJ Ralitt fell in the magic potion of music when he was twelve years old. Since then, the stages of the Rockhal, the Rotondes, the festivals Aralunaires have no secrets for him anymore.