DJ Sensu feat. Melting Pol
Musik / Experimental Ambient
DO 20.02.2020 / 20:20
Org.: Kulturfabrik
In Zusammenarbeit mit: record store Vinyl Harvest
Partner: radio 100.7
Abendkasse: 8€

Kinosch Listening Sessions

To all the music lovers and fans of contemporary, electro, ambient or experimental music! For the 2019-2020 season, Kulturfabrik and Vinyl Harvest are organizing Kinosch Listening Sessions at Kinosch. The aim is to offer music listening sessions with artists from Luxembourg and abroad. We invite you to settle into the comfortable Kinosch chairs, close your eyes and listen. The Kinosch Listening Sessions will be held once a month at Kinosch, the Kulturfabrik’s movie theatre

For our sixth edition we invited DJ Sensu for an ambient experimental DJ set. Melting Pol, VJ since 1995 and pioneer in this field will accompany, even emphasize Sensu’s selection by an improvised set.


Sensu is a Belgian DJ and producer based in Luxembourg and one of the voices of the electronic music underground in Belgium. He focuses on experimental music and club music alike. He was involved with the Belgian label for electronic and experimental music Testtoon Records, is a frequent Meakusma collaborator as a DJ and writer and has released music on Manchester-based labels Youth and Meandyou.