• Nordmann ©Tobi Jonson
  • KNOBS (by Jerome Klein x Niels Engel)


Support : KNOBS (by Jerome Klein x Niels Engel)
Musik / Jazz Electro
DO 05.11.2020 / 19:00 / DOORS 18:30
Vorverkauf: 13€ (+ presales fees)
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Main venue: seated places
  • 18.30 : Doors
  • 19.00 : Knobs
  • 20.15 : Nordmann

Some ten years ago, Nordmann came into being after a successful improv session that was destined to last. The four musicians succeeded in fusing the liberties of improv jazz with the intensity of rock music, and their shows immediately caused a stir in their native Belgium.

They managed to capture the energy of their live gigs on their debut album Alarm’ (2015) while follow up The Boiling Ground from 2017 gained them the status of household name and must-see live band. The long awaited third Nordmann album is finally there. In Velvet, the first album on Unday Records, is really something else. Even though the musicians all have a background in jazz, this is not a jazz record !

Nordmann betrays the live wire intensity and explosive potential of a furious rock’n’roll band, while also retaining the thoughtfulness and shape-shifting qualities of best improvising units. It’s a sound that is as imaginative as it is suggestive, as thrilling as it is satisfying. It’s the soothing drug and instantaneous kick for those craving an adventure.