Musik / Indian-Egyptian traditional music fusion
FR 26.10.2018 / 21:30
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OrienTrio is an instrumental music band that combines eastern traditional music styles into a fusion experience. The band mixes the Egyptian folkloric and sufi music traditions with those of the Indian raga, combining the rich and round sounds of the Egyptian kawala flute with the deep reverberations of the sitar and the jaunty beats of tabla.

The band was assembled in October 2017  when three musicians musicians—Adham Al-Sayyad (kawala), KG Westman (sitar), and Rahul Pophali (tabla)— came together in Luxembourg from Egypt, Sweden, and India respectively.

The musicians were united under a common purpose to evoke the cultural music legacy within a globalized multicultural world, and to musically describe a spiritual path to a world at peace with its history and looking forward towards the future.