Supports : Pleasing, Legacy of Atlas, Kitshickers
Musik / Metal
FR 13.03.2020 / 19:30 / DOORS 19:00
Abendkasse: 10€ (15€ with EP)
Ermäßigung: Kulturpass

En raison de la situation actuelle liée au coronavirus et la décision du gouvernement du 13/03 d’annuler les événements accueillant plus de 100 personnes, le concert est malheureusement annulé.
La Kulturfabrik vous remercie pour votre compréhension.

Parity is a young Band from Luxembourg that was formed in 2018. Due to the vast amount of influences brought by every band member, they would describe their musical genre as “Modern Metal”. 

After one year playing gigs around Luxembourg, Parity decided to record their very first 4 track EP called “OCEAN”. 

In order to celebrate such an extraordinary release they teamed up with their good friends from three young bands who all promise you a show you will never forget from a vast variety of genres!

PLEASING will be the first one to welcome you right at the start with some experimental math-rock so be sure to be there on time as you will not want to miss this aspiring musical journey!

Secondly, LEGACY OF ATLAS will absolutely destroy the Kulturfabrik with their incredible wave of modern sounding Metalcore. They have released their first three singles during 2019 and there are many more to come during 2020 so keep an eye out for these guys.

Last but definitely not least, KITSHICKERS agreed to support and join Parity for this incredible evening! They just blew everyone away with their most recent split-EP release at the Kulturfabrik and will do it again on the 13th.