Supports: Fractal Universe, Abstract Rapture, Sequoia
Musik / Agressive melodic death metal
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Album : 2084

The concept of “2084” reflects on the dichotomy of “utopia” and “dystopia”. Whilst referring to current events, the band is also considering masterpieces of dystopian literature such as 1984 or Brave New World, and their science-fiction approach by projecting humanity into the year 2084. The binary opposition of hope and despair is omnipresent in the lyrics, the visuals and, most of all, the music: the latter is contrasting between sombre, oppressive atmospheres and shimmering, beautiful melodies, all set in the framework of solid Death Metal. 

Miles to Perdition started their career at the Rockhal rehearsal rooms in 2007. Their first EP Vengeance was released in 2010. After several line up changes, the band moved to the Kulturfabrik rehearsal rooms, where they perfected their sound, which was put on display with the band’s first LP Blasphemous Rhapsody in 2014. 

Even the frequent void position on the drum stool did not deter the band from continuing to play many live shows, with the help of session musicians.

The band is rooted in the DIY scene and played an impressive amount of small shows and festivals, in as well as outside of Luxembourg. Their aggressive, heavy music did not prevent them though from playing big stages, such as the Rockhal Main Hall stage with Avenged Sevenfold. They also won the local Metal Battle, which enabled them to play at Wacken Open Air Festival in 2016, alongside illustrious bands like Iron Maiden, Testament and Blind Guardian.
Furthermore they shared the stage with acts like Arch Enemy (SWE), At the Gates (SWE), Sepultura (BRZ), The Dillinger Escape Plan (US), Between the Buried And Me (US), The Black Dahlia Murder(US), Darkest Hour(US), Hatesphere (DK), Oathbreaker (BE) or War From a Harlots Mouth (GER). 

Aggressive Melodic Death Metal played at breakneck speed is the most suiting description for Miles to Perdition’s signature sound. Yet, does technicality never impede musicality, nor are the high speed songs lacking groove, as blast beat passages can be followed by mid-tempo riffing or Deathcore style breakdowns. 

Their live performances are a feast for the eyes, with usage of various stage elements, such as backdrops, impressive live shows, or other paraphernalia. This is only topped by the band’s near surgical reproduction of their music, but never lacking the energy one would experience at Old School Hardcore shows. 

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