The Lone Furrow - album release / Support : Patrizia & Sonicdan
Musik / Singer/songwriter
FR 28.08.2020 / 18:00
Abendkasse: Free
very limited seats : first come first served

Rome (19.30)

Luxembourg-born singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter founded his multilingual project ROME (the name stems from the abridged version of his first name) in 2005 and has since created an authoritative body of work encompassing more than 13 albums and numerous other official releases. ROME’s musical and lyrical world is genuinely unique, blending traditional songwriting craftsmanship, challenging arrangements and fine poetry into one monstrous and intimate musical output that combines chanson, dark ambient, apocalyptic folk, acoustic rock, martial industrial, cold wave -- all rolled into one impressive avantgarde package. Lyrically inspired by world literature from Burroughs to Brecht, Celine to Celan, Yeats to Jünger, Reuter's detailed, well-researched, yet particularily accessible concept albums combine his interest in history, philosophy and the arts in a most compelling way and have established Reuter’s unique sonic ‘poetry of longing’.

Patrizia and Sonicdan (18.00)

Patrizia and Sonicdan will be spinning a mix of exotica, psychedelia, groovy soundrack tunes, as well as some garage- rock'n roll and sleazy americana tunes to compliment the night!