written and directed by Ivan Marinović
SA 08.10.2016 / 20:00
Im Rahmen von: 9th central and eastern european film festival - Luxembourg (6-23 October 2016)
Sprache: english subtitles
Mit: Nikola Ristanovski, Bogdan Diklić, Leon Lučev, Ljubomir Bandovic, Jelisaveta Sablic
Org.: CinÉast
Abendkasse: 6€

The festival

The CinEast (ciné-East) film festival, held every autumn in Luxembourg and other towns in the Grand Duchy, is constantly looking eastwards. Strictly dedicated to the film production of the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, CinEast aims to share the best cinema from the region spiced up with a wide range of accompanying events, thus presenting a rare occasion for audiences in Luxembourg to find out about the culture of the countries represented in a more general sense. With around a hundred different feature and short films from 18 countries screened during the 18 festival days, the CinEast film festival wishes to provide a concise, current and representative overview of Central and Eastern European cinema.

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The black pin (Montenegro, Serbia 2016)

En:  A humorous story about a priest having trouble with fellow villagers, his family and himself.
Fr:  L’histoire pleine d’humour d’un prêtre confronté à des villageois vindicatifs, à sa famille et à ses croyances.

English synopsis

Peter, an orthodox priest returns to his idyllic Montenegrin village to take care of his sick mother. As a non-opportunist, he quickly falls into conflict with superstitious villagers when he refuses to join them in selling their land to a foreign investor. They sabotage him in every possible way, ruining his peaceful life and beliefs.

Synopsis en français

Peter, prêtre orthodoxe, revient dans son village idyllique du Monténégro pour prendre soin de sa mère malade. Refusant de se joindre à des villageois superstitieux et opportunistes souhaitant vendre leurs terrains à un investisseur étranger, il entre rapidement en conflit avec ces derniers. Ceux-ci tentent de lui nuire par tous les moyens, en s’attaquant à sa vie paisible et à ses croyances.