The Jarawa documentary
DI 19.02.2019 / 19:30
Abendkasse: 5€ (free for students)

Movie projection & round table with the film director Alexandre Dereims
In co-production with Conscious and Cultural Student Association 

  • By Alexandre Dereims (2017, France/India)
  • 90 min 
  • English subtitles

This is an emotionally driven documentary that takes you on an immersive and revealing journey into the seemingly utopian lives of the Jarawa people. They live in a paradise. And, they have kept what we have forgotten. The secret of happiness! ‘We Are Humanity’ is a firsthand life testimony of the last descendants of the first humans, still living the same way from the beginning of humankind. Today, due to our world and our perception of civilization, this community of people is exposed to great dangers, and their practice of life, culture, customs, and beliefs are subject to assimilation.  Join us for this incredible journey to the original bliss! And, support the Jarawa people, their right for self-determination and protection, through signing the petition on the organicthejarawas.com website.