• Cecile Somers
  • Paul Comrie
  • Wendy Winn


with Cecile Somers, Paul Comrie, and Wendy Winn
Sprache: English
In Zusammenarbeit mit: Black Fountain Press & radio 100.7
Partner: Work in Progress - Paris
Abendkasse: Free

In english and in a different place...

WIP stands for “Work In Progress” in Paris, and since 2016, for "Word in Progress" in Luxembourg. On the second Tuesday of each month, from November to May, WIP Luxembourg invites you to discover three texts in the making and their authors. 

The idea is simple: come and join us for this special edition not as usually at the café Le Ratelach in the Kulturfabrik but in The Rooftop Chalet & Beach Bar in Luxemburg-Dommeldange, sit back, relax with a drink, grab a bite, and listen to unpublished texts in a friendly atmosphere. After each reading, you can share your impressions with the author and the audience. To help create a dialogue, an “author-killer” stands by the writer and channels the crowd’s passion and discussion.


French, Luxembourgish, German, even English: each Word In Progress is dedicated to one of the country’s spoken language. On December 10th, 2019, WIP Luxembourg features 3 English-language authors: Cecile Somers, Paul Comrie and Wendy Winn.

See you on December 10th (8:00 pm / Doors: 7.30 pm) at The Rooftop Chalet & Beach Bar (2 rue Nennig, Luxembourg-Dommeldange)!

Cecile Somers

Cecile Somers is best known for telling people "the person you are trying to call is not available right now." She was born in the Netherlands, grew up in Luxembourg, studied English and Theatre sciences and, in 1993, started a career in translation, voice work and the art of procrastination. She's an IMDB-listed scriptwriter, a copy writer and a poet. Finishing the big novel she tells herself she is currently working on will make her happy à tout jamais.

Paul Comrie

Paul Comrie read English and Russian Literature at Dalhousie University and King's College and completed an MA in Creative Writing: Prose Strand at the University of East Anglia. He has written for newspapers in Russia and India and now runs a Luxembourg-based branding studio called PC3 Creative Sarl that specialises in content production and CMS tech platforms that enable digital storytelling.

Wendy Winn

Wendy Winn came to Luxembourg from the US with several years' experience in journalism and a Master's degree in creative writing and soon after became the editor of what was then Luxembourg's only English newspaper back in the late 1980s. She's been working in journalism ever since but has never stopped writing poetry, short stories and novels. In addition to writing, she also hosts two radio shows for Radio ARA and is an avid painter.