Music / Tropical Synth-pop
WED 07.07.2021 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
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« Tight! This fusion of a dark indie aesthetic with an organic type electronica brings to mind what MoWax and Ninja Tune were reaching for in the 90s – but the contemporary version of that. » - Fame Magazine UK, Best New Music

The Swiss synth-pop quintet Alois has created his own world of dance-oriented artpop. It reflects the band’s interest in synth-driven songwriting, blending electronic beats with tropical guitars and exploring the rhythms of various musical cultures. Their award-winning debut album « Mints » (2017) earned them widespread recognition and airplay in their native Switzerland and well beyond. The following years on the road made Alois grow into a transfixing live act serving both the craving partygoer as well as the distinguished music lover.

The sophomore record from Alois is called « Azul » (April 2020), which means blue in Spanish. And like an expansive, saturated summer sky is a soothing and generous
gradient of blues. Full of warm, life-affirming energies softly infused with a deep-seated melancholy. The songwriting combines what the band loosely call Caribbean disco – all manners of Caribbean and African music – with elements of contemporary electronica, 80s synth-wave, balearic, dub and hints of trap. It’s a hybridized pop with a heavy predilection for the dance floor.