Supports: The Mahones + Dylan Walshe
Music / Metal Rock
WED 13.02.2019 / 19:00 / DOORS 18:00
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For fans of Ghost, In Flames, Amorphis…

Like many bands from Gothenburg, the Swedish quintet Avatar started in 2001 as a melodic death metal band.  Meanwhile, they have considerably deviated from that and their 2012 album, called The Black Waltz, was the definite turning point.

Armed with riffs that got a big industrial groove metal injection, the band found a new sound that was enhanced with striking “evil pirate” looks and a theatrical show.  Frontman Johannes Eckerström presents himself as a painted freak in the style of Alice Cooper meets Kiss meets The Joker.

With their new album, Avatar Country, in their pocket –on which they show more rock influences than ever before, they sure will soon conquer the world !