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Support: Trepaneringsritualen (SE)
Music / Black Metal
TUE 16.01.2018 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
In collaboration with: The Schalltot Collective
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Box office: 24€
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For fans of: Inquisition, Watain, Taake

« It's a seamless blend of two dark genres with a heft that really drives home an apocalyptic and immersive atmosphere ! » -Metal Archives

« It's natural to be a little suspicious when a band or an album is surrounded by so much hype, but let me tell you that in this case it is completely justified. Litourgiya is insanely good, it is original, it has song structures that most bands would be jealous of ! » -Metalstorm

Batushka is a mysterious Black Metal band from Poland, founded in 2015.  Under the musicians’ pseudonyms are, as of what we heard, hidden well-known members from the Black Metal scene… but their identities stay confidential.  Litourgiya, the band’s first album, was released on Witching Hour Production and has been warmly acclaimed by the international press especially because of the mystical approach, not too far from bands like Mga or Cult of Fire.

Schammasch is coming from Switzerland and has been created in 2009.  The band has released 3 albums (+ 1 EP) so far that became references in the wide Black Metal family.  As for Batushka, Schammasch is (ab)using the liturgical image by inversing the codes.

Support will be Swedish band Trepaneringsritualen