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  • © Marco Dos Santos
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Support: Luxuriant DJ Crew (LU)
Music / Electro Hip-Hop
SAT 25.03.2017 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Presale: 23€ (+com fee)
Box office: 27€

« We are night owls, hotheaded.  We create music to make people move their bodies ! »

4 albums later and after more than 10 adventurous, exiting years, BNN has not lost any of its fever, driven by the same goal, the same passion: making people dance.  Dance or die, their new opus has been crafted specifically for the dance floor, the good old sticky dance floor, over which hovers the shadow of an angry revolution, already present on their previous albums : Defiant order and Manual for successful rioting.

Dancy, sweaty, sensual,… Lil’ Mike, DJ Need and Crazy B have come up with a more radiant and warmer sound.  The iconic trio of the French electro manages once again to offer a fresh and new take on their music genre, affirming the will to reach a larger audience and enabling even the rustiest of bodies, to dance freely to their new sound.

Dance or die
is not Birdy Nam Nam’s big come back ; it is the band embarking and taking off to a new destination !

And now, dance !