Theatre / Spectacle humoristique
FRI 10.11.2017 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:00
Language: Kriolo
Org.: Sarah Events
Presale: 12€ (+ frais de prévente)
Box office: 15€
Discounts: Kulturpass

A different night out with traditional Cape Verdian music, a piece of film, storyteller, dance and an outrageous evening for comedy lovers. Where we have locals and international comedians who are coming specially for this first edition to the CABO Comedy night ‘’Afterwork edition’’, where there will be spoken 100% Kriolo : a language spoken by Cape Verdeans peoples from the Capverdians islands. 


The humorists Carlos Andrade (PT), Benji (LU) and CV-Tep (LU) have one mission : to work on everyone’s abs at the Kulturfabrik, where the jokes fly at record speed around the ears. The doors will open at 19h and the show will start at 20h. Come on time and directly after work and bring some colleagues/friends/family for some great laugh. 


Organization : Sarah Events

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