WED 30.01.2019 / 19:00-20:30
In the context of: Plan communal d’intégration de la Ville d'Esch
In collaboration with: Le Service à l’égalité des chances de la Ville d’Esch
Box office: Gratuit

How does it work?

There will be 5 – 6 participants discussing together per table. Each table will be marked by a flag representing the language chosen. To facilitate communication, each participant can write his first name on a self-adhesive label and put it on his chest. You can register right now by sending us an email with your table/language chosen: egalitedeschances[at]! First come, first served! 


  • Please note that at least a level A.1.2 is required to participate at the different tables.

The tables

  • 7pm – 7.45 pm:

2 French tables

    1 English table

      2 Luxemburgish tables

      •  7.45 pm –  8.30 pm:

      1 German table

      1 Spanish table

      1 English table

      Location and informations

      Address of the Café des langues:

      At the Ratelach - bar of the Kulturfabrik 

      116, rue de Luxembourg

      L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette

      Infos : +352 661 55 44 77

      Informations - Commune de la Ville d’Esch

      Service à l’égalité des chances

      +352 27 54 59 10

      +352 27 54 59 20

      Looking for table animators!

      Please note that we are looking for volunteers to host a linguistic table of their choice from time to time, in order to offer a wider range of languages during the evenings. If you are interested, just email us egalitedeschances[at] by specifying the language chosen. Thank you!