Electronic dance music event
Music / Electro
FRI 28.06.2019 / 21:00-03:00
Org.: Noc.Turn / TIPTIL / CCSA
In collaboration with: Kulturfabrik
Presale: 7€ (frais inclus) - prévente réservée aux étudiants
Box office: 12€
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Noc.Turn, TIPTIL and CCSA are excited to present “Fabrik Electronique”, a night in the name of electronic music and underground culture. A diversified, immersive and unique experience that leaves to the people the freedom to roam between two different rooms with different ambient and vibes. On one stage the melodic techno sets of Lauter Unfugs’ Artists will merge with the mesmerizing art of 3D visual projections offered by the virtuous Melting Pol, while on the other stage the minimal techno vibe of TIPTIL’s Djs will be captured in a futuristic space jungle environment. A great chance to fall in love with the Luxembourgish electronic scene and its fascinating proposal.

(Minimum Age: 18+)


TIPTIL on the Space Jungle Floor:

  • Riven (TIPTIL, Time Has Changed)
  • Owsley (TIPTIL)
  • Junoir (TIPTIL)
  • Alberto Stocco (TIPTIL)
  • Ridivo (TIPTIL)
  • Leeloo (TIPTIL)

Lauter Unfug on the 3D Visual Experience Floor:

  • Alex Heide (Vinyl Only Set / Lauter Unfug, Tonkind)
  • Analog Charly (Live Act / Lauter Unfug)
  • Mathias Treinen (Lauter Unfug)
  • Friedrich (Lauter Unfug)