Warm up set et After show set by DJ Balla
Music / Reggae Raggamuffin Bossa
SAT 03.03.2018 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Presale: 18€ (+ frais de prévente)
Box office: Portes : 22€

For fans of: Gaël Faye, Imany

« Son énergie déplace les montagnes.  Flavia Coelho mélange dans un cocktail explosif, le son roots du Nordeste et le baile funk de Rio ! » -Télérama
« La trentenaire a, comme sa musique, une compétence incontestable pour vous mettre de bonne humeur !
 » -Le Monde

Flavia has travelled many of the world’s roads.  From Rio de Janeiro’s Favela ‘morros’ to the storied streets of Paris, this nomad feels at home wherever she’s made welcome.
In this Parisian sanctuary shut away from noise and the passing of time, Flavia started with just a guitar and her life experiences : her friends, lovers, encounters, disappointments, joys, hope and laughter. She didn’t wait for the beauty of the world to come to her but found it inside her own dreams and made it real.  Abracadabra.  A new album was born.  It’s called Somho real.
Sonho Real glows with the colours of the butterfly.  There are hints of forro and ragga, frenzied ska rhythms and a dub nonchalance.
And yet Flavia’s lyrics contain the complex sadness of saudade. Saudade.  Untranslatable.  Neither sad nor happy – this sums up Flavia’s whole approach.  Too subtle to be easily classified - she is a woman of many faces, a sweet amalgam. And when the world can no longer contain her, Flavia invents a new one.

In her real dream (Sonho Real), Flavia transforms loss, suffering and failure into strength, recycling them into an energy to drive the future. She urges us to wake up, to see beyond our privileges, our comforts and our certainties.

Link : www.facebook.com/flaviacoelho.official