Short Movie and World Queen Tribute Band
Cinema Music / Pop Rock
TUE 22.11.2016 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Partner(s): Film Fund Luxembourg, Santé.lu, Frame Art Media & le Centre culturel Kulturfabrik
Presale: 20€ (+commission fees)
Box office: 25€
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21:10: HIV/AIDS Spot

20:15 : Sneak Premiere of a short film « FREDDIE » by Andy Bausch with Nilton Martins

25 years after Freddie Mercury’s death (24.11.1991 – 24.11.2016), a team emerges, consisting of specialists of the Luxembourg film industry. Nilton Martins is the project leader and as well as him, all the other members of the team are fans of Freddy Mercury. This project presents a personal challenge for actor Nilton Martins; the role demands intensive physical and mental preparation in order to appear as much as Freddy Mercury himself. From a musical and technical aspect this is an equally demanding project (the same actor has to be filmed twice within a short period of time, special effects, costume, art department, makeup…).

Synopsis :
Freddie Mercury gets a ghostly visit from his double in his dressing room, which brings Freddie’s fears to light and this visit is going to test him.

Freddie Mercury has rarely committed during his lifetime to his illness and sexuality - only towards the end of his career. The short film wants to show that you don’t owe an outing to anybody, until one accepts himself and his fears, as it has been the case with Freddie Mercury.

  • directed by ANDY BAUSCH

      21:00 : QUEENIE – world Queen tribute band (Prague, since 2006)

      QUEENIE is based on the accurate and the authentic concept of songs of Queen, in high quality and costumes of Queen‘s time period. They define a genre in which they perform as the Concert Theatre. All songs are played live in the original key and with authentic instruments, what makes difference from many other bands from this music field. Their own sound engineer makes single music detail sound perfect and takes maximum from the authentic instruments. Thanks to a very professional approach, band is highly requested performer at various events (rock concerts, festivals, firm gala, private parties etc.). Since their establishment in 2006, they performed hundreds of concerts accros whole Europe and Asia.

      QUEENIE – world Queen tribute band represents European top of this genre.