Music / Groove Metal
TUE 19.11.2019 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:00
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In  less  than  10  years,  the  four-piece  progressive  groove  metal  wrecking  machine  known  as  Jinjer have  carved  their  very  own  place  in  the  Heavy  Metal  landscape  and  are  poised  to  go  even  further  in 2019  and  beyond.

In 2013, Jinjer won Best Ukrainian Metal Band ; they would be awarded this prize again a few years later.  While most bands from a country not exactly known for it's Heavy Metal exports would be content to enjoy the little recognition received in those first few years, it was clear that Jinjer craved more and were willing to go the extra mile to make this happen.

It was this attitude and clear vision that pushed the band to quickly write and release their second album : Cloud Factory (2014), and venture into the  international  touring  market  for  the  first  time,  booking  their  own  shows  and  building  their reputation face to face, fan to fan and more importantly under their own terms.

It was this intensity that caught the attention of Napalm Records, who quickly signed Jinjer leading to the release of their critically acclaimed third album, King of everything (2016), as well as the game   changing   single   and   video   for   Pisces,   which   gained   the   band   new   fans, millions   of views/streams  and  countless  reaction  videos  on  YouTube.  King of everything showcased  the musical prowess and growth of the entire band while opening the floodgates to a bigger International touring  circuit  which  Jinjer  gladly  took  advantage  of.

Somewhere between touring vans, roadside pit stops, backstage rooms, sound checks, hotel rooms, visa applications, and flights to new tour destinations, Jinjer buried themselves in the rehearsal room once again to compose 5 brand new tracks for what would become the Micro EP, written not only for the fans but for themselves, as they needed something new to keep their sanity on the road.

Released  last  January  and  coinciding  with  their  European  Tour together  with  Soilwork and Amorphis, the Micro EP was received with open arms from fans  and critics alike and spawned instant favorites Ape and Perennial,  climbed to the top of many industry charts and radio station lists worldwide and once again showcased the musical depth and songwriting talent of the band, as well as Tatiana's amazing vocal range.