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Music / Folk Pop
FRI 24.03.2017 / 19:30
Presale: 28€ (+com fee)
Box office: 32€

Nous sommes dans le regret de devoir annoncer l’annulation du concert de Keren Ann prévu le 24 mars 2017, suite à des problèmes de planning indépendants de la volonté de l’artiste et de la Kulturfabrik.
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Merci pour votre compréhension.

« Her records are mellow, meticulously stylised affairs.  Live she becomes an invigoratingly raw performer, investing songs ! » - The Guardian

For about fifteen years already, Keren Ann’s albums are being leafed through and avidly read, like the pages of a great book.  A book that narrates the course of life, its longings and desires, its past loves and its unquenchable passions.  A book akin to a personal diary that would also be a universal one.  A saga whose seventh volume, You’re Gonna Get Love, is both continuing and renewing.

Although she has been hastily dubbed a “cosmopolitan singer” or a “nomadic artist,” she has always steered clear of any kind of labeling, be it geographical or musical. Born Keren Ann Zeidel in Israel to a Russian-Israeli father and a Dutch mother, she grew up in Paris. Dividing her time between Paris and New York, she has undertaken many projects in Iceland, explored several continents and performed in the United States as well as in Asia. She is fiercely attached to her artistic freedom, and to the human beings she has met along the way, travelling more as a conscious explorer than a roving adventurer.

In this new chapter, crafted in Brooklyn and Paris, a gallery of tenderly sketched portraits can be seen between the lines: flames of the past that are still burning bright (The Separated Twin, Again And Again, You Knew Me Then), an all-too-charming bad boy (Easy Money), an impossible love story (Insensible World), a mother whose sons have gone to war (Bring Back), a much mourned father (Where Did You Go), and a nostalgia for places of belonging that are now out of reach (The River That Swallows All the Rivers).

“To write is to leave a trace, the trace of an emotion”, she says. The singer-songwriter demonstrates it once again in You’re Gonna Get Love, the new chapter of her unique and captivating saga.