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Music / Blues rock
FRI 25.05.2018 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
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Describing their style as “Modern Blues Rock”, the Kid Colling Cartel ventures into different genres such as groove, funk and especially rock music – without ever giving up their blues roots. The band’s shared love of music and their harmony on stage are undeniable and Kid Colling, although he is a guitarist first and foremost, stands out as a singer with a distinctive and adjustable voice. It is important for him to not limit the Cartel to a specific style and to address a larger audience rather than only blues devotees.

In 2017, the Kid Colling Cartel released their debut album In the Devil’s Court which received public and critical acclaim.

« A success in every respect !  A pleasure to the ears, with an omnipresent and terribly efficient B3, and a blues rock repertoire that never lapses into simplicity !  An artist with a promising future and an excellent debut album. » (Blues Magazine, FR)

« An album that is sure to please the blues enthusiasts, but also all those who appreciate musical dexterity. » (Le Jeudi, LU)