Feat. Dankwart
Music / Ambient Experimental
THU 10.10.2019 / 20:30
Org.: Kulturfabrik & record store Vinyl Harvest
Box office: 8€

To all the music lovers and fans of contemporary, electro, ambient or experimental music! For the season 2019-2020, Kulturfabrik and Vinyl Harvest decided to work together and organize a new format called "Listening Sessions" at Kinosch. The aim is to offer music listening sessions with artists from Luxembourg and abroad. We invite you to a cosy atmosphere, to close your eyes and listen. The Kinosch Listening Sessions will be held once a month at Kinosch, the Kulturfabrik’s movie theatre. 


For the second concert of the new series we invited the Luxembourgish artist Sam Erpelding aka Dankwart.

The 26-year-old Luxembourg sound artist studied sound engineering and electroacoustic composition in Vienna and graduated this year with a master's degree in sound engineering. During his studies, he devoted his interests to soundscape research, which also influenced his solo project. His official and self-published release „Abendland“ was published in 2018 and is dedicated to the nostalgic sounds of steel and nature from the south-west of Luxembourg. The new set „Domhan Cúis" (Scottish Gaelic) Nus, is based on surrealistic soundscapes and archetypal rhythms. A hymn to long lost sound worlds from the subconscious perception of the dream world. In addition to these more Dub-Techno inspired pieces, he also produces electroacoustic, ambient works such as „Sgrios", „Rouden Buedem" or „Wäisdar“. Dankwart's compositions are largely based on the processing of field recordings using programs such as Pure Data and the use of electronic, acoustic and electro-acoustic musical instruments.  In order to constantly expand his sound repertoire, he also collaborates with external musicians or builds his own digital hardware instruments such as the „MoConZinth 1. 0“.