Concert / Kufa Summer Bar
Music / Synth Folk Pop
SAT 26.09.2020 / 17:00
Price: Free

20:00 / Ko Shin Moon

Cosmopolitanism, Omnisightseeing and Exploration are the creeds of Ko Shin Moon. A French formation born in Paris from the artistic fusion between Axel Moon and Niko Shin. Adepts of ethno-musical and eclectic musical experiments, Ko Shin Moon seeks to push genre boundaries further by blending traditional repertoire and instruments from different parts of the world with electronic analog sounds.


17:00 / The Bud Spencers

What started at d:qliq in 2007 as a joke quickly became a guarantee for great parties. Their unconventional mix of all musical styles combined with a “don’t give a Fuck”-attitude made dancefloors all over Luxembourg go crazy. After a 3 year hiatus the heavy dj duo "The Bud Spencers" is back to take you on a sonic adventure. Expect experimental Beats, crazy Hip Hop, rocking Guitars and lots of gems.