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Support: Acus Vacuum (BE)
Music / Metal Percussions
FRI 18.10.2019 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Presale: 27€ (com included)
Box office: 30€
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After 31 years of career, having traveled more than 30 countries and cooperating with many internationally renowned artists, Les Tambours du Bronx make an amazing comeback and release a new album, 100% metal with Franky Costanza (formerly in Dagoba) at drums, Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast, Sinsaenum) and Reuno Wangermez (Lofofora) at vocals, and Arco Trauma (Chrysalide, Sonic Area –keyboard), with two members of the Bronx Team on electric guitar, another one on bass.

Weapons Of Mass Percussions !  Result of the merger of all these unique talents, W.OM.P. expresses all the strength and the experience of the group, which became the urban percussion’s international reference, associated with unanimously recognized metal and electro talents.

On October 18th, the band will be back at Kufa, more than 10 years after a crazy and sold out night !  Do not miss them !