Support: DillenDub (LU)
Music / Samba Jazz Hip-Hop
THU 19.10.2017 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Presale: 22€ (+ frais de prévente)
Box office: 26€

Music is intrinsic to Marcelo D2.  Born in an extremely musical environment, he was raised listening to classics of Samba and Brazilian traditional Music.  He grew up and developed himself steeped in musicality and through street culture and his life style he found in Hip Hop an amplifier to his voice and thoughts.
D2 dared and conquered the world with the merge of rap with samba. His attitude and behavior made him navigate through the most diverse art styles, gathering influences from many cultural sources – from punk to jazz.
Taking to pieces in order to construct, Marcelo D2, at the mature point of his 20- year-career, presents his newest project : Marcelo D2 & SambaDrive.  It is the subtlety of Brazilian jazz bursting upon the scene.
Looking for a kind of musicality in tune with Zimbo Trio, Milton Banana and Marcos Valle, Marcelo invited the SambaDrive trio, composed by his personal friends Mauro Berman, Lourenço Monteiro and Pablo Lapidusas, to join the project and spread the already renowned Brazilian jazz to the world, yet now with a Rap flavor.

DillenDub (LU)

... is a fun electro-groove experiment!

DillenDub is a three piece formation that saw the light of the earth during rehearsals of an other project in may 2011. Hans, Peter and Friedrich (which by the way are not their real names) experiment with pretty much anything they like: from rock to jazz, over cheeseburgers and softporn, up to hip-hop and electro, all while keeping the focus on DUB and improvisation.

"Real" bandmembers: Pol Belardi (bass, synths), Jérôme Klein (keys, synths), Aloyse Weyler (drums)