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FRI 30.04.2021 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
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The Bosnian-born Swiss accordion player Mario Batkovic is a master of his chosen instrument. His debut solo album received widespread critical acclaim, with Rolling Stone magazine listing it in the top 10 avant-garde albums of 2017. Batkovic tours consistently, playing festivals such as Bushfire (South Africa), Supersonic (UK), Le Guess Who (NL) and the Montreux Jazz Festival (SW).

Composer, Mario Batkovic is signed to Invada Records (UK) as a solo accordion artist, a label founded by Geoff Barrow (Portishead). Batkovic’s mission is to explore the sonic possibilities of the accordion, without effects or loops, rather through a mutualist symbiotic relationship between man and instrument. Challenging, hypnotic, and grandiose; Batkovic’s single-handed symphonic vision is certainly unique. His music bridges both classical and contemporary experimental music.

On "Quatere", album opener of his only solo album, the only instrument to be heard is the accordion, but it does the work of a full band or a bank of synths. The bass notes act as the rhythmic anchor (almost like an 808), while the higher notes dance lightly across the track simultaneously sounding like the bright strings or woodwind found in the minimal classical of Philip Glass, or the modern ensemble compositions of Clogs. It's stirring from start to finish, going from early dark intensity, through lighter passages to a rousing, climactic conclusion.