Support : Silver Dust (CH)
Music / Black Metal Dark metal
TUE 10.12.2019 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
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Box office: 35€
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Portuguese Dark metal executors Moonspell and Greek Black enforcers Rotting Christ are uniting their powers to give Darkness on planet earth a new definition.  More than 25 countries will be flooded by this unstoppable force ; 50 cities, where marks will be left !

Moonspell comments : “ we are eager to embark on this epic trip around all Europe and to team up with our Southern brothers, the one and only Rotting Christ.  We'll be finally presenting our 1755 full production on stage and we'll be escaping from the studio, as we are writing and recording what will be the next Moonspell album.

So it's time to meet our fans again, kill the pack's hunger for more Moonspell and take our theatrics into the road to give you ghouls the spell you've been waiting for !”

Rotting Christ adds : "Dear Metal brothers and -sisters, we can now proudly announce one of our longest tours ever in the European territory in order to support our brand new album, The Heretics, in 2019.

50 shows in a row, together with Moonspell, one of our oldest friends and fellow travellers in the scene.  I feel like promising not less than a hell of show every night.

Stay tuned for updates and look forward to seeing you all in the battlefield.  Non seviam !”