Cinema Other / Documentaire
FRI 08.06.2018 / 19:30
Presale: 5€ (fees included)
Box office: 7€

"Empathy" documentary screening

Ed is commissioned to make a documentary to change society habits that are detrimental to animals. Completely alien to the animalloving culture, he realizes that he must first convince himself before carrying out his project.

His encounters during the process of filming are contrasting with his doubts and provide answers about veganism and in general, about how to live in a more animal responsible manner. These precepts will affect Ed’s way of eating, dressing, consuming and spending his free time. They will clash with his immediate surroundings: family, friends and crew.

To overcome this, he’ll use the experience of 5 people who have adopted this lifestyle and the opinions of several experts on the issue. This project may change his way of living forever. Or perhaps not?


After the movie, lots of food like cookies, cake, salads will wait for you. Everything vegan !