Research and experimentation residency
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Niels Engel and Georges Goerens (aka Bartleby Delicate) are currently in residence at the Kulturfabrik. This research and experimentation residency will take place from 19 April to to 5 June and will end with a concert at the Kulturfabrik on Saturday 5 June 2021. During their residency, the artist duo will also do the musical accompaniment for the CNL's literary evening on Thursday 3 June 2021, 8pm, at the Kulturfabrik.


"The idea was simple: we meet, we play and we see what happens," the two Luxembourg artists explain quite naturally. Yet Georges Goerens and Niels Engel come from different musical backgrounds. On the one hand, you have Bartleby Delicate, a well-established artist on the Luxembourg and international music scene with a rather pop-folk style, and on the other hand, you have jazz drummer Niels Engel, who officiates as a musician/drummer in some of the country's most promising bands (Klein, Claire Parsons, Pol Belardi Music). This promising multidisciplinary duo is determined to work and experiment together.

Niels Engel

Niels Engel is one of the most prominent drummer/percussionists of the current local scene. After studying at the Luxembourg Conservatory, he moved to Amsterdam to further his mastery of drums and percussion. Having toured and recorded with many artists in/and outside of Luxembourg, he has proven his ability to adapt his hybrid musical approach to basically any occasion or circumstance, and in the same time maintain his own unique and characteristic voice in this vast world of modern drummers. He is also a composer, and there is no doubt that he will continue to make a name for himself in the years to come...


Georges Goerens (Bartleby Delicate)

Known and recognized as the leader, singer and composer of the indie-rock band Seed to Tree, Georges Goerens launched his solo project Bartleby Delicate in 2017. Navigating the currents of contemporary folk and loop-oriented electronics, he keeps a sharp focus on the narratives he weaves into his forward-thinking compositions. As the feverish expressionism of his visuals suggests, the music plays in a field of its own, earning him accolades from Tom Rosenthal and live performances all across Europe (SPOT, Reeperbahn Festival, WAVES Vienna, The Great Escape) in the process. Capturing the contradictions and lust for life of millennial tension, Bartleby Delicate's voice provides the light that gets in through the cracks of everyday life.