Kufa Summer Bar / with Winebrations
SAT 19.09.2020 / 17:00-19:30
Box office: FREE

Winebrations and the Kufa Summer Bar invites you to a wine tasting Session of Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines from all over Europe.


Treat your palate! Pure pleasure and good atmosphere guaranteed!

Winebrations - Wines from natural vines with good vibes!

>> Winebrations’ focus is on selling wines that have something different to offer. This may be by being grown as naturally as possible, by stemming from unknown regions or simply wines that were escorted on their way by people with passion and knowledge.


Most Winebrations wines are organically or biodynamically produced, but all combine high quality and fine taste with the principles of a sustainable wine philosophy. The pleasures provided by their wines are determined by the characteristics of the region they are grown in: soil, weather, climate, the aspect of the vineyards and the know-how of winegrowers. More importantly, they are honest artisans making transparent wines that speak of their place, their history, and themselves. The result are genuine wines which you can experience and enjoy with every single drop.