Music / Experimental
FRI 17.11.2017 / 20:00 / DOORS 19:30
Presale: 25€ (+com fee)
Box office: 30€

« Don’t be afraid… it’s only music ! » -Ulver

Free from any burdens of expectation, industry rules or perceived genres, Ulver have drifted from black metal to folk, trip-hop, ambient, drone, electronica, psychedelia, rock and pop, to name a few, with the gusto of true musical explorers, all while leaving their own very specific imprint on each genre at every turn.

Not just on music genres, either, as they are always deeply connected with all other media through which their inspiration can be channelled, from the affecting projections on their live shows, to their always challenging artwork or their care with words.

Speaking of live shows, for a long time they were reclusive wolves, but after becoming a regular live band from 2009 onwards, it didn’t take Ulver long to start poking holes in the fabric of how we perceive live music either.

Nominated twice for the Norwegian Grammy Awards, Album of the Year winner at the Oslo Awards for Shadows of the Sun in 2008, Ulver also won the NATT&DAG award for Best Live Act in 2011, and earned a global reputation for stylistic unpredictability.

The band will present The assassination of Julius Caesar, their new epic album, released recently and mixed by Killing Joke’s bassist and producer Youth.

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