• Marina Fonseca et Lisa Junius


Launch Book / Signing Session
FRI 19.03.2021 / 18:00-21:00
Box office: Entrée libre / Inscription OBLIGATOIRE

"Waking the Mountain," published in March 2021 by Zoom Éditions, is a relevant and hopeful story about friendship, solidarity and protection of nature. Lisa Junius's warm and colorful illustrations and Marina Fonseca's poetic text take the reader on a journey through this wondrous world. This event at Kulturfabrik marks the official launch of this children's book. On this occasion, a signing session will be held at the Squafabrik and the original works of the book, and the sketchbooks will be shown. The book will be available for sale.

Practical information

In order to respect health restrictions, registration for this event is mandatory. Visits are limited to 10 people and will be done in 30 minute slots between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

The times slots are : 18h (FULL) - 18h30 (FULL) - 19h - 19h30 (FULL) - 20h - 20h30 (FULL). To register, please send an email to fatima[at]kulturfabrik.lu specifying your name and the time slot you have chosen.

Wearing a mask is MANDATORY.

Book Summary

Nature is suffering and so is Zura's feline friend Milo. Naturally, this makes Zura angry. Soon, she knows she'll have to turn her anger into action if she wants to save both.


-From 4 years old.

-Language of the book: English.

-48 color pages.

-Price : 23€.

-ISBN : 978- 99959-35-02-3

-Publication date: March 2021

The book's genesis

Lisa Junius and Marina Fonseca met in high school and they've been friends ever since. This book project was born one day while they were sitting around a table in a literary café in Esch-sur-Alzette. They both wanted to write a story to inspire emotional investment in the environment in the early years of childhood. All it took were a couple of notes and some simplified sketches to make the story grow. When the book began to take shape, they contacted Zoom Editions. The project, the concept, the text and the first illustrations immediately appealed to the children's publishing house.

Marina Fonseca & Lisa Junius & Zoom éditions

> Marina Fonseca, has a master's degree in English literature and specializes in fairy tales and fantasy literature. She is currently an English teacher and writer in Luxembourg.

> Lisa Junius, has a master's degree in Fine Arts and is a full-time multidisciplinary artist and illustrator from Luxembourg. She is known for her soothing blue tones and eco-feminist content.

> Zoom Editions is a youth publishing house in Luxembourg since 2001. Its editorial line is varied with a preference for societal themes, multiple readings, beautiful stories and original illustrations. Nevertheless, the main goal is always the pleasure of reading and discovering.