Exploring the benefits of Arts Education programs
MER. 04.03.2020 > SAM. 07.03.2020
MER. 04.03.2020
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SAM. 07.03.2020
Langue: English
Org.: Kulturfabrik & Cooperations - Wiltz
Partenaire(s): Trans Europe Halles
Caisse du soir: Registrations are CLOSED !

Kulturfabrik and Cooperations are hosting a Trans Europe Halles (TEH) Arts Education seminar "Exploring the Benefits of Arts Education Programs" on 4th-7th March 2020 at Kulturfabrik Esch and Cooperations Wiltz. During those 4 days the participants are going to try to identify the benefits of participative projects and learn about different methodologies to develop them.


Take a look at our program HERE.

Learn more about Arts Education and the TEH Arts Education Seminar in this video.

What is Trans Europe Halles?

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a network of grassroots cultural centres with members in 36 European countries – from Spain to Ukraine. TEH have been at the forefront of repurposing abandoned buildings for arts, culture and activism since 1983. Kulturfabrik and Cooperations are members of this amazing network.

*** Organised with the financial support of Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte ***