Kufa's Urban Art 2017
Conférence / Street Art
MER. 17.05.2017 / 19:00-20:30
Org.: Art Square Luxembourg & Kulturfabrik
Prix: Gratuit

Rencontre avec des organisateurs de projets d'art urbain en Europe et en Amérique Latine.


  • Vera Primavera (GRAFFF Festival of Public Art, Ecuador)
  • Hendryk von Busse - AYCP Festival, All You Can Paint (Halle, DE)
  • Luis Garcia, Asalto Festival (Zaragoza, ES)

Langue: ENG (traduction en français)

Vera Primavera (GRAFFF Festival of Public Art, Ecuador)

Ecuadorian self taught muralist, part of the graffiti scene in Quito, whose art practice has gone beyond her country’s frontiers and has been invited to paint at numerous festivals abroad. Her feminine and delicate style is her signature mark. Director of the GRAFF Festival of Public Art in Ecuador on its 8th editions. Entrepreneur of Messklan gallery and shop for emerging artist and designers. Co-funder of Central Dogma cultural production collective. Architect with experience in urban and sustainable design and community projects. At the moment directing the first EMA (International Muralism Encounter in Ambato-Ecuador) joining 12 artist from Latin America and Europe to paint large format walls around the city.


Hendryk von Busse (Freiraumgalerie, Germany)

The "Freiraumgalerie" (OpenSpaceGallery) with it`s All You Can Paint-Urban Art Festival (AYCP) is located in Halle/Saale. It lies in Freiimfelde, an isolated and segregated city district, which houses (besides serious social and structural problems) the "most empty" street of german big cities in 2011. The perfect spot for an urban experiment, which sees problems as potentials. The OpenSpaceGallery paints walls, actually everything.
Its not done by the gallery itself, it is an exhibition area for gigantic murals, for legal graffiti-walls and for detailed Streetart of all kinds. Besides professional Graffiti- and Streetartists, everyone paints their city. Inhabitants, kids, juveniles, seniors....


Luis Garcia, Asalto Festival (Spain)

Cultural manager and partner designer in
Founder, designer and communication chief of Festival Asalto.

The “Asalto” is the International Urban Art Festival that since 2005 and for several months hits the streets of the old town of Zaragoza with avant-garde artistic proposals, participatory and impressive works developed by urban artists and artistic groups of the national and international scene. It is therefore a global interaction with the city, both urban and social, that year after year attracts artists and groups and citizens and tourists. As a concept it is an unique artistic and creative experience because the entire creative process and its execution is performed in the city of Zaragoza, being its streets the best workshop, the best canvas and the best gallery. Asalto has become a festival that aims to explore, discover or rediscover the urban space through artistic activities, actions and different urban experiences to transform the public space into a participatory, colorful, friendly and culturally open and active scenario. Over the years, Festival Asalto has acquired a notorious weight in the cultural program of Zaragoza being one of the few proposals that prevails over time. Asalto is the oldest urban art festival of Spain.


Kufa's Urban Art 2017

De par son implantation géographique et ses objectifs pédagogiques, le projet Kufa's Urban Art est désormais « unique au monde » : pas moins de 10 villes de 4 pays (Luxembourg, Allemagne, France et Belgique) y participent cette année.

Basé sur trois piliers fondamentaux (la sensibilisation, la pédagogie et l’art), le projet cherche à transformer durablement l’espace urbain et à favoriser la cohésion sociale à l’échelle de la Grande Région.

L’édition 2017 propose plus de 3 mois d’action: des interventions urbaines d’artistes du monde entier, de nombreuses activités pédagogiques, des conférences, des séminaires, des projections de films, des workshops pluridisciplinaires, des rencontres artistiques et un grand festival open-air...