Kufa Summer Bar / Church of Analogue Live Dawless DJ Jam Session
Musique / Experimental Electro
SAM. 29.08.2020 / 20:00-22:00
Caisse du soir: FREE

Church of Analogue is a safe space for the lost tribes of musical Hardware and other analogue art forms.


In a time where zeroes and ones are learning to imitate our physical world of waves and particles, the palpable truth is lost to the obscure and concealed inner makings of our virtual mirrors. On the surface, blinking LEDs are merely reflections of our reality and blind us from the natural beauty of analogue imperfections. The binary promise to alleviate weight and save space evaporates with the blank screen of a crashed CPU. Many of us have been there…


Line-up: Harmonoizer, FBNM & Crop Circuit