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Support : Pleasing (LU)
Musique / Indie Math-rock
VEN. 11.12.2020 / 20:00 / PORTES 19:30
Prévente: 13€ (+ presale fees)
Main venue: Seated places


Suite aux annonces du gouvernement de ce lundi 23 novembre, le concert de Heisa prévu le 11 décembre est reporté à une date ultérieure. Les tickets resteront valables. Merci pour votre compréhension et votre soutien.

In the best tradition of unconventional bands ranging from Tool across Battles to Warpaint, Jacques Nomdefamille (also Peuk), Koen Castermans and Jonathan Frederix have forged ten songs that run the gamut from surprise and enchantment to castigation.


On their maiden full-length ‘joni’, HEISA plays around with rhythms, atmospheres and keyboards while choosing their moments to break the painstakingly constructed tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion. The vocals do not monopolise the listener’s attention but instead complement the other instruments. The result is an entirely unique sound.


On the road HEISA leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Their live shows are exciting, surprising, slightly theatrical and explore the boundaries of the humanly bearable. Those who have had the privilege of seeing HEISA live become a fan once the experience has had the chance to sink in.

SUPPORT : Pleasing (LU)

The solo project Pleasing by the Luxembourgish artist and guitarist Patrick Miranda gives an insight into the, until now relatively uncharted sounds, of math-rock and post-rock. With the combination of atmospheric and emotional influence, his songs figuratively lead us through its very own journey.


Pleasing’s purpose lies in expressing emotions and feelings, which we are not willing to admit, with a focus on psychological issues within us.