• © Helga Rieckhoff
  • © Helga Rieckhoff
  • © Helga Rieckhoff


Kufa's Urban Art
Résidence / Street Art
VEN. 16.06.2017 > VEN. 23.06.2017
Org.: TUFA, Ville de Trèves & Kulturfabrik

Durant 2 semaines, une vingtaine d’artistes du monde entier réaliseront des oeuvres d’urban art et de land art au sein d’espaces publics et privés dans 10 villes de 4 pays.

A Trèves, l'artiste Laurent Steinmayer (Love) interviendra dans l'espace public.

Laurent Steinmayer (LOVE) - (Allemagne)

  • Dates: 16 au 23 juin 2017
  • Adresse: TUFA Wechselstraße 4, 54290 Trier

Laurent Steinmayer’s works come at you like color explosions that can only be categorized as highly complex.  Threaded, branched letters and form elements radiate power, motion and freedom, seemingly chaotic but at the same time impressively schematic arrangements.
Born in Paris and currently based in Trier, Germany, Laurent Steinmayer is a graffiti legend. His artistic background has its roots in the beginning of graffiti art – the New York of the 70s. With more than 25 years in the business, his works are internationally highly reputable graffiti art. He has had numerous exhibitions and commissions, mainly in France, Germany and Luxembourg.     
Especially his close ties with the city council of Trier that allowed for many artistic cooperation and make him an expert when it comes to urban interventions.
His fast, sophisticated and detailed work is simply stunning!
Steinmayer’s artist name is Love.