• Chekos'Art (Italie)
  • Chiara Morette (Luxembourg)


Kufa's Urban Art
Résidence / Street Art
VEN. 16.06.2017 > VEN. 30.06.2017
Org.: Ville de Thil et Kulturfabrik

Durant 2 semaines, une vingtaine d’artistes du monde entier réaliseront des oeuvres d’urban art et de land art au sein d’espaces publics et privés dans 10 villes de 4 pays.

A Thil, les artistes Chekos'Art (Italie) et Caiacoma (Luxembourg) interviendront dans l'espace public.

Chekos'Art (Italie)

  • Dates: du 17 au 30 juin 2017
  • Adresse: 100, rue Paul Langevin - 54880 Thil

Born in Lecce in 1977 (South of Italy). As a teenage rebel, at the age of 13 he moved to Milan, where he made his first steps as an artist in 1995 as a writer.
Since the teenage years he was absorbing and experiencing everything what street life brought. After 15 years of work he continues to experiment using the art to express his view of life. He current works in 167/B street in Lecce, an expositive center dedicated to art, in suburbs of Lecce. He works mainly on murals in public spaces, aiming to redevolep the suburbs and communicate with the younger generation.
His prefer place of working is the STREET, in simply way he feels more freedom to express himself on big walls in public spaces.
The artist has contributed to many exhibitions and projects in Italy and abroad. He is the main initiator and founder of “Street Art South Italy”, collective of urban artist from south italy and other part of the world.


      Caiacoma (Luxembourg) + Chekos'Art (Italie)

      • Dates: du 16 au 18 juin 2017
      • Adresse: 2 transformateurs électriques entre les rues Lucie Aubrac et Angela Davis - Hauts de Thil - 54880 Thil

      I grew up and went to school in Luxembourg. During my education I created a lot and showed my art in expositions. Since I finished school I’ve done some live paintings at festivals in Luxembourg and England. Art has always been a passion and I enjoy every form of it. I’m mostly drawn to expressive painting. My style is constantly changing and evolving, because I learn from people/artists from all over the world.