Ratelach Music Sessions
Musique / Singer/songwriter Americana
VEN. 04.05.2018 / 21:30
Prix: Gratuit
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For this Ratelach music session, we are delighted to take you into a melting pot of Spanish music and U.S. West Coast with Texan influences.

Mak Wolven and Gordon Tischell are Americans who live in Luxembourg. Gordon played in the Los Angeles club scene for many years in various bands that put him at the forefront of inventive, original music.  Mak Wolven has toured in Texas and the great Southland.  His music sounds like the dusty towns he's passed through:  Americana is his style.

Together they are a synthesis of influences from the States.  A blend of acoustic guitar and bass that represents their effort at playing honest music refined to its simplicity.

Paca Rimbau Hernández is a talented vocal artist known to many for her spirit and love of music.  

Along with Mak, she will open the evening with a short selection of Spanish-style music.  Her warm, wonderful presence is perfectly suited to her selections.  The songs featured this evening will be original compositions by Mak, translated and sung by Paca.