Supports : Dyscarnate & Vexed
Musique / Deathcore Progressive metal
MER. 22.04.2020 / / PORTES 19:00
Org.: Kulturfabrik in collaboration with A-Promotions
Prévente: 26€ (+fees)

Show cancelled - Whitechapel official statement

"With the cancellation of Impericon Festivals due to measures imposed by the German government to control the spread of coronavirus, we regretfully inform our fans that our entire upcoming Europe/UK tour has been cancelled. We apologize for having to make this decision but the safety of our fans, the crews working the shows, and ourselves is what is most important at this time. Refunds for tickets are available at the point of purchase, stay safe and healthy and we will see you all soon!"

Since their 2007 debut album, “The Somatic Defilement”, Whitechapel's output has been mired in darkness, but they have never inhabited blacker territory than where we find them on their 7th opus, “The Valley” (2019). "Lyrically, emotionally, melody wise, there are not many 'happy' sounding parts on this record," states guitarist Alex Wade. 

The Knoxville metal titans will of course be hitting the road hard again now that they have a new collection of songs under their collective belt. For Alex Wade, every record the band drops is an important stepping stone as they continue to build Whitechapel's legacy, and “The Valley” is no exception. "We have expanded on the sound we created on 'Mark Of The Blade' (2016) and created a more cohesive work of art overall. Moreover, we are stronger now as a band than we have been in the past few years, and I hope that we are able to look back on this album and see it as a major transitioning period of our career, in a positive way." 

“The Valley” is absolutely the record Whitechapel wanted to make, with no exceptions or limitations. "We write what we want, and no matter if it's music, architecture, drawing or whatever, you should be able to create whatever you want. We make music for ourselves first and foremost, and if fans like it, great. If they hate it, great. That's the beauty of art. You do it for yourself and if you're lucky, make a living off of it” says Phil Bozeman, the band singer.