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Musique / Doom Metal
DIM. 24.05.2020 / 20:00 / PORTES 19:30
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“YOB swing effortlessly between menacing distortion and hushed reverie” - Associated Press

“ I can best describe the experience of a Yob concert as a sort of electrolysis bath for the soul. The sonic intensity of the low frequency barrage runs through your body, entering through the chest, vibrating the ribcage and shaking off the caked-on crap of life’s eternal suffering from your bones to refresh your soul“- Drum Magazine

Epic, crushing, and heavy beyond words, YOB has achieved legendary status in recent years due to their unmatched aesthetic and incredible work. Formed in 1996 in Eugene (Oregon) under the leadership of doom metal mastermind Mike Scheidt on guitars and vocals, the group initially released a three song demo tape in 2000 that garnered them international attention. Drawing comparisons to groups like Neurosis, Sleep and Electric Wizard, YOB succeeded in developing modern sounding doom metal that hearkened back to the classics.

Fast forward to 2017 where YOB signed with Relapse Records for their 8th full-length recording “Our Raw Heart”, the band’s finest work to date and the apex achievement of what heavy music can accomplish. The album was conceived amidst dire circumstances that nearly left frontman Mike Scheidt dead after suffering from an extremely painful and potentially fatal intestinal disease. Scheidt miraculously recovered and rallied the band together with a new sense of purpose for “Our Raw Heart”, an album informed by the will to survive.

More exposed than ever both physically and emotionally, YOB bleed out seven riveting tracks of enormous volume and pensive, transcendental beauty across 75 minutes of ultimate doom. A brilliant musical progression in the YOB continuum, “Our Raw Heart” is the band at their most aggressive, impassioned and eclectic. The riffs are massive, the vocals captivating and the songwriting sublime.