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Sur présentation d'un justificatif.
Moins de 6 ans : gratuit
Enfants de 6 à 12 ans, demandeurs d'emploi et étudiants : réduction selon les manifestations

Carte Jeunes Européenne : 6€ de réduction (sur présentation de la carte)

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Musique / Metal / Doom metal / Post-rock


"The Boarwin Hunt" Extravaganza Release & 25 years Celebration

ven. 01.12.23 — 20h00
Portes 19h30
Kitshickers in 2021 at Kufa ©Elena Arens
  • Presale:  18€ (+  fees) 
  • Box office: 23€ with the album & videogame
  • With the support of: Sacem Luxembourg, Ministère de la Culture, Kulturfabrik, Le Reservoir, Olliewood Skateshop, One More Tattoo, Stage Music, Electricité Paul Schaal & Fils - Mersch

Release and 25 years Celebration Feat. Desdemonia, Kakumori, Blue Room & Pleasing

Local band Kitshickers return to the Kufa stage. On the program for what promises to be a very special evening: their 25th anniversary, a new album, and a mini-festival featuring Desdemonia, Kakumori, Blue Room and Pleasing. 

What began as a grunge quartet in Luxembourg/Europe in 1997, evolved over the years to a reference in their region as a ferocious sounding post-rock, post-apocalyptic, metal-ish, even doom-ish band, that manages to reinvent itself constantly. From concept albums to concept shows, including special headphone live shows with video projection, or live art performances….  

Their music may not be easily accessible to everyone but who can lie back, can let the music work and is not caught in the simplicity of the mainstream, discovers a new world - the sound galaxy of the Kitshickers. After 2021’s amazing event at Kufa and album together with their friends from “The Majestic Unicorns from Hell”, Kitshickers is finally back with a new album "The Boarwin Hunt". The album will be in the continuity of the previous albums and the cover/artwork story of their main protagonist will continue. Though releasing an album on CD or Vinyl wasn’t an option for them this time ! The format of our choosing is only digital, BUT coupled to a VIDEO GAME !

 “Because the story wants us to! We don’t want to reveal yet what the artwork will look like but we can tell you so much: Our alien protagonist, that you have seen grow and look for enlightenment throughout the last 2 decades is actually a human being...hooked up to a machine... so his reality that he lived...well isn’t really his reality. Was it just a game the whole time ? A second world, or more trendy “a metaverse” ? And can you persist in such a world....can you find enlightenment in a digital world ? So if our protagonist lives and evolves in a digital world, the idea to create a video game, where we, Kitshickers, also live in a digital world, was kinda obvious” explains the band. 


Death/Thrash/Melodic Metal w/ Rock n’ Roll attitude!

Desdemonia’s latest and fourth longplayer “Anguish” has been released on the 23rd March 2018 via Denmark’s premier metal label Mighty Music. On their new record, the quartet yet again combines catchiness with raw, vicious riffage and grim weighty vocals, while more quiet and melodic moments give their music the right dynamics. The aggressive and gloomy atmosphere is being underlined by lyrics that explore the fears and dark thoughts of the human mind. This contemporary issue being universal, all four band members shared their thoughts and contributed to the lyrics.

Influenced by the early and mid-nineties American and European death metal scene, Desdemonia‘s sound can be described as a mix of catchy stuff like Amon Amarth, straight forward At The Gates-like beats and more old school oriented melodies and groove in the vein of Dissection or Bolt Thrower. However, Desdemonia never try to keep pace with changing trends but cut their own path instead.


Kakumori Is a 3-piece post-rock band based in Luxembourg. A journey full of good and bad experiences converged into a new project with the purpose to break musical boundaries and create a vibe that takes you on a trip through crunchy rock, atmospheric sound effects, and an energetic live performance.

Blue Room
Vocals, Guitar / Jim Brimeyer

Vocals, Guitar / Daniel Balthasar

Bass / Jean-Claude Birkel

Drums / Michel Mootz

Cello / Emmanuelle Seiwerath


Luxembourg based artist Patrick Miranda decorates a person’s darker feelings under the alias of “Pleasing”. Waves of spaced out guitars, dense instrumentals and emotive lyrics create twisted rooms in between distorted walls and soft soundscapes.

In 2021, Pleasing released his long-awaited debut album “in the mood for super dark times” accompanied by three visually strong music videos. Pleasing’s strength resides in presenting his subjective reality of coping with depression and tackling the social stigma surrounding mental health through projects such as “the moody room show” (presented by KUK KulturKanal fir Lëtzebuerg) as well as “y in you” (in collaboration with the Ligue Luxembourgeoise d’Hygiène Mentale Asbl). 

His debut album “in the mood for super dark times” intended to share his struggles interweaved into his artistic vision, with the goal of creating a comfortable space for the listener to connect on the same wavelength. However, Pleasing is not going to stop the journey to connect more with listeners. From now on, Pleasing’s journey is a journey of meaning; exploring various musical genres and modes of expression.