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Sur présentation d'un justificatif.
Moins de 6 ans : gratuit
Enfants de 6 à 12 ans, demandeurs d'emploi et étudiants : réduction selon les manifestations
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Musique / Dark folk


Support: Brian Brody

sam. 06.11.21 — 20h00
Portes 19h30
Practical Infos

Covidcheck concert
Presale: 27€ (+fees)

Salve, friends and legionnaires!

I am afraid we have some bad news: Due to the uncertainty still surrounding the pandemic and the ever-changing restrictions and recommendations for venues and audiences alike, we have decided to postpone - yet again- the upcoming European tour planned for this autumn. Too many local promoters have voiced a preference to pull out before losing money again on shows that might get cancelled due to expected restrictions.

We were prepared to travel the extra mile and end up spending more than earning, just to be on the road again, but given the circumstances, this would be financial suicide for us and our partners. We know many of you will be disappointed because of this decision, but so are we. We had been looking forward to being back on stage and travel Europe again these coming months, but, alas, not gonna happen.

However, we are still set to play our exclusive show in Luxembourg, at the Kulturfabrik on November 6th, 2021. So please come and join us there! We are unaware of ANY travel restrictions to Luxembourg at the moment and THIS SHOW WILL NOT BE CANCELLED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! We are happy to have our friend Brian Brody (The man behind ROMEs Dublin Sessions) back in Lux to open for us again. Where there are tears, there will be laughter.


Jerome Reuter


Luxembourg-born singer-songwriter Jerome Reuter founded his multilingual project ROME (the name stems from the abridged version of his first name) in 2005 and has since created an authoritative body of work encompassing at least 15 studio albums and numerous other official releases. Reuter's compelling brand of Dark Folk merges various musical influences from Post-Punk to Chanson. Lyrically inspired by world literature from Burroughs to Brecht, Celine to Cioran, from Hesse to Jünger; Reuter’s detailed, well-researched, yet particularly accessible concept albums combine his interest in history, philosophy and the arts in a most compelling way. What is inherent in all of ROME's work is Reuter's love for the outsider. From the exiled Spanish Anarchist Revolutionaries of "Flowers From Exile"(2009), the French Resistence in "Nos Chants Perdus"(2010), Peter Weiss-inspired underground fighters in Die

Aesthetik Der Herrschaftsfreiheit (2011), to the Rhodesian bush fighter of "A Passage to Rhodesia" (2014); ROME's protagonists are often those beyond the pale, trying to walk through life's fires with their dignity and composure intact. Bewegung entsteht durch Haltung - this famous slogan featured on ROME's very first release of 2005/2006 still rings true today.

The intimate version of ROME live on stage is Reuter solo on acoustic guitar. The other one is a loud full-band not refraining from sing-along hymns and thundering up-tempo beats. ROME's 15- year-anniversary tour plan included dates in such diverse places as Jerusalem, Saigon, Berlin, Athens, Los Angeles, Moscow, Kiev, Rome, Madrid, London, Vienna, Zurich, Brussels, Cologne, Stockholm, Bucharest, Prague and many many more..